Glastonbury – An Ode to Mud

Glastonbury – An Ode to Mud

2016 was a special year for Glastonbury; no, it wasn’t Adele, Brexit or even an anniversary no one knew remembered; last year was special because of the mud.

Yes, the mud.  It was beyond horrific, one minute liquid and slippery, the next like quicksand.  It didn’t just eat your wellies, your socks and anything you accidentally dropped, it also ate at your soul, turning it as murky brown as the stuff you were covered in.

The horror came back to me yesterday when I was searching through footage for this year (I’m one of the social media volunteers for Theatre and Circus), and then my prayers to the weather gods began for a very dry Glastonbury.

Because I’m a sharing kind of girl, here’s some “highlights” of the mud – enjoy!


A Very Powell Christmas

To quote one of my brothers,  a Powell Christmas “always ended in arguments, fights, fires and vandalism”.  They are notorious for high jinx and the general mayhem that ensues, but all in the name of a great day.

Thanks to my family, I have managed to capture the  remarkable and mad stories of our family Christmases together, and yes, every one of these stories is true!

I would like to thank my whole family for providing their time, enthusiasm and stories; I know you took time out of your weekends and holidays to let me interview you.  Love you all! xx