I’ve just completed my third and final draft of my wee ghost story; it’s been a difficult birth and a long time coming, but I’m far happier with it now than I originally was. It might actually make sense which is fantastic!
The next step, which I’m terrible at (or really good at if I’m procrastinating), is letting it sit and rest, like a piece of steak grilled on the barbecue.  I have to forget it, forget the issues I had with it, and let it become a vague memory. I really am terrible with this, so I’m giving it until next Saturday when I will open the story again and find my way to the fourth and final draft.  
A lot of writers recommend this, and to be honest, I think it’s necessary; sometimes that fantastic phrase you thought was going to change writing as you know it, turns out to be this malformed monster that’s eating your story alive. So, yes, it’s a chance for you to forget your dear ones, assign your pretties to ex-lover status, and in doing so allow them to live or die on merit alone.
So what am I going to do with the next six days?

– fix that terrible spelling mistake in my snow video (I hate February, it seems to be a word I’m incapable of spelling)

– Research cockney speaking. I can hear it in my head, but it doesn’t look right on paper!

– edit a charity video for Just Play. The founders are friends of mine and spend a lot of time at refugee camps all over the world giving kids a chance to just play, which  sounds simple, but is almost impossible unless you create an environment where it’s ok

– edit some Glastonbury videos and start posting them online.  

– this also involves my fave, editing the mud video. Yup, you heard it right, the mud video. Because unless you were at Glasto ’16 you don’t understand mud.  

– Working. Yup, my job which is 2/3 of my life at present and eats up most of my time

– Gym. I have to get fit again, I miss jumping up and down a lot!
I’ve also been encouraged by friends to actually send my story in for publication, so I won’t be posting it online – maybe I’ll create a nice photo story instead. Don’t worry, in 6 months time, when the publications have turned it down, I’ll put it up here. The funny thing is, I think it might be a part of a much bigger story, which will take time to create, and 6 months is a perfect amount of time for me to sort this out!
So that’s a lot for 6 days, so, as always happens with me, it will be mostly working, a bit of gym and some editing. Oh and maybe me wandering speaking in a bad Cockney accent.


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