Yup, I’m feeling 100% original tonight.

So I have to admit that I might not be ready to release my wee ghosty into the fiber optic tomorrow, actually there’s no maybe, it’s not happening.

I am plowing on, but I’m halfway through the second draft right now with no clear idea of how I feel about it and whether anyone will want to read it.  As a homage to Charles Dickens’ ghost stories it will be a poor effort, but it will be an effort.  You get credit for turning up and handing something in, right?

Actually J.K.Rowljng pretty much said you did, and she’s like the Dumbledore of writing.

I will post something tomorrow, perhaps a poem, I have a good one about codeine but I can’t find the last line.  Perhaps someone out there could help?

Codeine, you make me twitch and float,

My internal monologue out loud I quote,

My dreams are rainbow unicorns ridden by a fairy,

Or rivers of chocolate – dark not dairy,

But, as much as I love you there’s one small issue,

It makes me cry and I need a tissue,

For when I go toilet that’s when I find the gap,

For the porcelain beckons…

And then nothing, it’s like  I’ve got writer’s block or my creativity is constipated in some way.  Sigh.

See you on the morrow…

Arrival: Mancunian style!


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