Mind the Gap – Editing

So I’ve just read the wee little ghost story I wrote on the weekend, an I’ve just realised that it’s going to be even “wee-er”  soon enough, as half of the descriptions are repeated or unneeded.  I’m not even sure if it will even be endearing, but next Tuesday I’ll at least have something to post.

The questions I have to ask myself are:

  • Will you miss half of the descriptions?  (Answer: No, the second half of almost every sentence I’ve written is far less cliched and far better than the original)
  • Is it ok to fall asleep reading your own work?  (Answer:  Jury is out on this one.  I might give it a pass this time, I’m actually recovering from an ear infection)
  • Are the character’s believable?  Or, the age old question, “Is it any good?” (Answer:  I’m not going to make millions from it, and I’m not sure it has legs, but as long as I capture the mood of a mid-Winter evening stroll through Bloomsbury then I’ve nailed it)
  • Is there more I can add to make it real?  (Answer: Yes, there are little Twilight Zone moments that will help this)


It’s much shorter than I remembered, which isn’t a bad thing, but considering how much I’d like to trim, it might end up being a very short paragraph!

Tomorrow, I will slice and dice;

Tonight I ponder and dream.


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