It sounds like a great post, doesn’t it.

What bandwagon have I fallen off?

Who helped me fall off?

Why did I post such a cryptic title?

Mostly for shits and giggles, I’m afraid.  Soz!

No, the truth is, I’ve finally got back into writing again, and I’d forgotten how freeing it was, how fantastic it felt to write a little snippet every day, how it turned my obsessive mind away from ideas that were better left buried and instead dug up fresh, exciting and mostly imaginary ones.


And then, after I posted my story, I didn’t write for two days, and I let old thoughts slip back in.

Old obsessions.

So here I am, writing again, to keep my brain active and away from ridiculous social media sites that suck my time and energy, and truly do make me feel like everyone else has the perfect life.

No one has a perfect life, I’ve learnt that in the last 12 months.  Just because it’s all pretty on the screen doesn’t mean it’s idyllic beyond that two dimensional world.

And so I have a new plan.  Every 14 days I will post something, and here I will talk about the creating process, trying to keep myself motivated.

Will anyone care?  Will anyone read?

Maybe that’s not the point anymore.  Maybe the point is the little tip-tap of the keyboard, and the thoughts spilling out.

Mic drop.


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