You spin me right round baby,

Right round.

Like a record  baby,

Right round round round.

Two days of writing, and I’m a 1/3 of the way through.  Another push tomorrow, and I hope to be almost done.  Amazing what happens when you snatch writing time on trains and instead of watching tv!

They swirled into view, their individual movements so in tune with each other that it took her a moment to realise that they were a couple.  They spun together, laughing into one another’s eyes, silhouetted against the soft pink jets as Frank sang on and on.
She was all glitter, capturing the fountain’s dance in her drop earrings, the colour in her straight blonde hair.  Her smile was white and straight, her eyes glowing as they looked up to him.
And he.  Oh he!  He was the epitome of silver fox, his white collared neck shirt unbuttoned only at the top, tailored to suit his tall, slim body.  He was transfixed by her, a gentle smile playing on his lips, his right arm curling around her and his hand resting on her back.
They turned and danced, oblivious to everyone around them until they had spun around the fountain and back into the black.

I can already see how I’d like to change this, but I’m going to let it simmer first!



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