So I’ll admit it, I’ve been slack, a wastrel, ignoring the small hours I have available to write, and instead I have focused on being stressed and obsessed.

But no more, for this Valentine’s DAy I will give myself a gift that might be misshapen and ugly, but at least it will be mine (and my inspiration’s). Finally I’m going to pull from my long list of story ideas one that I can quickly turn into a story.

The trick will be to write it, of course, which is why I’m starting a diary entry to chronicle my adventures into fiction.  The worst is that I fill this blog up with lists of why I couldn’t write today;  but even if it’s 140 characters long, I am determined to create this story and get myself back on track!

Day 1 – well, I’ve just thought this up, so I’ve spent the day wandering around Manchester, being “inspired” by the Chinese New Year celebrations and checking out some of Manchester’s famous architecture.  I believe I have found a few places to write – the art gallery, John Rylands’ Library and the Central Library.  My favourite is most definitely the John Rylands’ Library, that place is a neo-Gothic wonder that J K Rowling would be proud of!


I so could imagine Hermione nerding it up in this room, couldn’t you?

Now to procrastination and beyond!


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