In one sentence: (ok two…or three)

Established in AD 43 by those pesky Romans, London has become one of the major cities of the world, despite the fact that it specialises in grey; grey castles, grey skies, grey River Thames.  Oh, that’s not fair, the double decker buses are bright red, and Big Ben is a nice golden brown.

Big Ben trying not to chime excitedly about the glorious weather

I’ll get back to you on the other exceptions…

Ol’ Blighty and my first week of London:

In the first week I was greeted with clear blue skies and 16 degrees centigrade temperatures, but Londoners gleefully told me to wait until December which would be “miserable and cold”.  Then when it didn’t appear in December, the grins were for the horrors that awaited us in January and February.

I’m still waiting for those miserable days.

Sure, we’ve had our fair share of soft drifts of rain, but it rarely has dropped below 5 degrees, and I’ve felt almost over dressed.  In fact, I haven’t put on my thermals once this winter, and my gloves have barely got a workout.

Perhaps in May then?

Besides the weather there has been lots of other events to look forward to.  The day after I arrived and with a nice dose of fresh jet lag, I watched the All Blacks become Rugby World Cup Champions for the third time.    For a moment I got to pretend I cared, particularly as I kept running into Kiwis and had to discuss it forever.

Then there was what I really had come for, a chance to get up close and personal with Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jnr.

2015-11-02 14.17.46-1
U2 at the O2
2015-11-02 15.25.43
Waiting in line for my chance to mill around the General Admission area.
2015-11-02 22.35.57
Saco and Martin, my big protectors who got me up close and personal to the catwalk.  Brilliant guys and great night!
2015-11-02 20.37.49-1
Bono, in case you’re dead
2015-11-02 21.15.22
Larry drumming up some support.

Yes, twice I stared up adoringly into ol’ Bono’s eyes and got to meet some amazing fans of U2 through Cathal, who became my guide to all things U2.

2015-11-03 20.26.39-2

Little do my friends realise how my fanaticism barely ranks with these guys; I am barely white belt compared to Cathal, Martin, Brendan and Evan, who have traveled the world for a night with U2.  I moved countries, but I’m not sure if it’s even in the same category.

I was very lucky, they all took care of lil’ ol’ me, and somehow Martin and Brendan even scored me a trial at a pub!  It was great to meet such genuinely great guys so early on my trip, made me feel like London isn’t such a bad place after all.

Rock on, y’all!


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