To the misfits and miscreants

that walk through these doors,

To the regulars for whom

beer comes out of their pores;

To the damaged who drink

to forget their past,

To the lonely who make

a single pint last;

To the corporate tippers

who know their worth,

To the locals who’ve owned

these walls since birth;

To those who are bewildered

and lost in life,

To the husband who sneaks out

to escape the wife;

To the Bill on the beat

who come for relief,

To the silent tears

of the weeping priest;

To the gay lovers

who keep love alive,

To the dogs and their sweetness

that help us thrive;

For you pints and shots

I must pour,

I take your money

but you give me more;

Conversation, laughter and a place

far from home,

When I’m with you

I’m never alone.



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