It’s cruel, this ticking clock,
It steals our age and grace;
Friends wither and fall away
And parents become just memories.
Those hands grind flesh against the earth,
Perpetual torture with no respite,
Love embraced moments ago
Are now just echoes in the dark.
They cruelly demand of you and I
That we dissolve away to bone,
Clean of flesh and blanched white,
We will gladly submit to the ground.
But together, we can lift this hammer
That would drive us under the earth,
Take memories once old and worn
And renew what was once forgot.
So laugh and cry and sing,
And together we will love,
For time shall not leave us barren,
We will yet dare to live.
And those hands that press flesh
Upon them we will leave our mark,
And when they hammer all will hear
The breath of our life and love.


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